Loyalty Rewards

When you first sign up to Rev Rewards, you will receive a welcome text with a link to your very own Virtual Rewards Wallet. From inside your virtual wallet you can redeem rewards, check your loyalty points, select interests, as well as managing any updates to your personal info. Rev Rewards are the easiest way to get rewarded for doing what you love; shopping for quality, curated cannabis.

Sign up today and check your virtual rewards wallet!

What are the rewards?



$10 Store Credit



$20 Store Credit



$40 Store Credit



$60 Store Credit

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Joining Rev Canna Rewards is easy. Sign up online, in store or text "Join REV420" to 410-267-4435.

After signing up you should receive a text with a link to your very own Virtual Rewards Wallet. We recommend saving that number to your phone under Rev Rewards.

How does it work?

$1 dollar = 1 Point – Simple right?

You can also earn bonus points by attending events or making a purchase during special promotions.

What are the rewards?

You can access your account and rewards by opening the “Virtual Rewards Wallet”  that was sent to you when you signed up, no more remembering a password! Look out for bonus offers too!

200 points = $10 credit

400 points = $20 credit

800 points = $40 credit

1000 points = $60 credit

How do I redeem rewards?

It’s super easy! Open your Virtual Rewards Wallet when checking out, select your Rev Canna Reward and present it to your Product Specialist to redeem. Only redeem in front of a team member.

Please note: You must redeem a reward BEFORE your transaction is complete, and in front of a team member. You cannot redeem a reward after you have finalized and paid for your products.

Example: To redeem your $20 credit you must meet the $20 threshold after discounts. You must redeem it BEFORE your transaction is complete. It is your responsibility to redeem your reward BEFORE the transaction.  If you complete your transaction without redeeming, you will need to redeem the reward on your next visit.

Please note: You cannot redeem points that are earned on that same day. You must redeem points BEFORE you complete a transaction.

What if I don’t have a smart phone?

No problem, you are welcome to join too! You can sign up in store or online from your home computer.

Can I combine rewards?

No. You can only claim one reward per patient per day.

How do I check how many loyalty points I have?

Its easy! Open up your Virtual Rewards Wallet; a link will be texted to you when you first sign up. You can also check your points online.

What if I lost the link to my Virtual Rewards Wallet?

No problem. We can resend it! Or log into your your wallet here.

Can I opt out of Rev canna Rewards?

Of course. Reply “STOP” to the latest text, or opt out from your Virtual Rewards Wallet.